Types of Women You Can Meet Online

Chantana Sun
5 min readSep 25, 2023

If you really want to understand how big the world is, you’ll find no better way than trying out online dating.

In today’s world, men are turning to the internet in hopes of finding love. And they are coming in droves.

Before you register on a dating site or log into your dating app, have you ever thought about the kinds of women you’re going to meet? The sheer number of people on these sites, of different nationalities and inclinations, makes the search that much more exciting. After all, who doesn’t want to meet different kinds of women who have the same intentions as you?

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But while online dating presents itself as easy and convenient, it has its downsides too. Sure, you’ll get to meet so many women — but take heed.

Not all of them are for dating. You may need to wade through a few prospects first before you find the one that you like.

The Genuine One

This is the person you should hope to find. It might not happen immediately, but you should hope to strike gold amid unpleasant ones on online dating sites.

By meeting a woman who is actually normal and has no hidden motive.

These are the women that want a normal relationship. They have a job, are self-sufficient, and are generally happy and content. The only thing they’re missing is a lover, and that’s where you come in. If you want to meet one of these girls, all you have to do is know where to look.

They should ideally be found on legitimate dating sites. You may have luck on dating apps. However, because of the pervasiveness of hook-up culture on these apps, they have become more and more scarce. On legitimate matchmaking sites, however, profiles are strictly vetted.

Single Moms

In the realm of online dating, single mothers are fairly frequent. This could be either encouraging or discouraging for a man trying to settle down. There’s nothing wrong with single parents, unless you want to deal with the added responsibility of children.

If you’re a single dad, you and the lady will, at the very least, have something in common.

Those With Obvious Daddy Issues

They are a lot more common than you’d think.

These are the types of women that have been neglected or abandoned by their fathers. The majority of these women are open about it and welcome it. They go out of their way to find males who they perceive to be older, stronger and are more macho.

Unless you don’t want the baggage, they aren’t that bad. If you’re the type that enjoys nurturing and caring for a woman like that, be aware that they are the type that finds it difficult to maintain a long-term relationship. They’ll swiftly move on to the next one once they realize their partner isn’t capable of filling the void left by an absent father. At least, most of them will. However, some will stick with you till the end.

A Girl Who’s One Of The Guys

Many guys find this type of lady fascinating and enjoyable to be around. The novelty, though, might quickly wear off. This type is one of the lads, and she has no trouble relating to men.

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Since she’s always gotten along better with men, she’ll probably claim she doesn’t have any girlfriends. She’ll portray herself as a sports fanatic who enjoys being loud, masculine, and getting drunk on a regular basis.

Having a lady surrounded by men may not sit well with certain men, and some will eventually tire of the antics and shenanigans.

But maybe this is the type of gal you’re looking for. To tell you the truth, having a woman like this is a breath of fresh air compared to the alternative. You’ll be fine with this one if you don’t mind the fact that she has more male friends than you.

Those That Can’t Stand Being Single

You’ll come across a variety of ladies online who are terrified of being alone.

These women are unconcerned about who they end up with as long as they have someone.

Given that they’ve most often hurried into relationships with people who aren’t compatible, usually out of fear of being unable to cope on their own, it’ll only be a matter of time until they snap. The relationship will soon follow afterwards.

The Dreamer

These types are those women who dream of their fairytale ending way ahead of time. They know exactly what they want. From a flawless wedding to multiple children, she plans to get them all, even if the man she ends up with isn’t prince-charming material.

Their goals involve fantasies that are unrealistic for the majority of the people around the world. This is why they’ll settle for anyone who can provide them with what they desire, especially as they get older.

She may not even want or love her spouse, preferring to use them to help her live her ideal life. Men are nothing more than tools to them.

The Catfish

You may have heard of this term before. Even if you haven’t entered the world of online dating yet, you are bound to have heard of this term somewhere.

Catfishing is when someone uses images and information (often taken from other people’s social media accounts) to create a new identity online — sometimes using an individual’s entire identity as their own.

Recognize that catfishing women do exist on the internet. Some men have already gone through the anguish of discovering months later that the woman they were emotionally invested in was not who she claimed to be.

Men are frequently unaware of this since The Catfish can emerge one minute and then vanish the next. They have become more intelligent over time. To avoid one, request real, daily photos.

How To Find The Right Woman

If you want to avoid the ones with obvious red flags, it’s best to switch to a dating site. The Genuine One is more likely to show up in legitimate sites than in apps, so you have better chances at finding your true love there.

Finding the right woman is difficult. But once you do, it’s your job to take care of her and treat her like a queen. Even if you prefer the more problematic ones on this list, it’s still up to you to make sure you both are happy together.



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